How to choose the right table for the kitchen

To understand which table is better for the kitchen, first you should decide on the "initial data" — with the requirements that you have for this furniture

Table top shape

Another relevant question about the kitchen table is which countertop is better. The most common tables are those with square, rectangular, round, and oval tops. The first two options allow you to move the furniture to the wall, saving space as much as possible. But models with rounded corners create an atmosphere of a more relaxed feast and add to the space of streamlined silhouettes


What form of kitchen table to choose?

For a family of up to four people, which does not often receive guests, any shape is suitable, the most compact choice is the options with a round and square table top. For larger families, as well as if you often come to visit, it is better to choose oval, rectangular, or folding, sliding models


Number of legs
This parameter may seem insignificant only at first glance. In fact, there are models with different numbers of legs — one, three, four, five. Or even without them at all (we are talking about wall mounting options). Be sure to consider this point when buying, especially if it is critical for you that the chairs move as much as possible under the countertop, saving space


When choosing a material for a kitchen table, you probably thought about which one is better. The answer to this question largely depends on the proximity of the cooking zone. The closer the furniture is to the work area, the more practical and easier to care for the material should be. Glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic furniture — winning options when the stove is very close to the dining group

Color and style

The color of the table in the kitchen — which is better to choose? Of course, it should be harmoniously combined with the chosen style and color scheme of the interior. But it does not necessarily have to match it exactly. Furniture can fit seamlessly and imperceptibly into the chosen palette, or become a bright accent or contrasting detail

Transformer tables

Transformable options-a visual answer to the question of which table to choose for a kitchen that combines several functions (for example, kitchens-living rooms).

Another practical solution — both for small rooms and for interiors filled with details and shades — is transparent options. Visually, they seem to dissolve in space, without cluttering the room.

If you do not know what kind of kitchen table to put in the kitchen and how to choose the material, focus on universal options — for example, glass. It will fit into any interior, is quite easy to care for, provides visual lightness to the environment
Models with adjustable height

Another practical model that makes sense to pay attention to when buying — with adjustable height and / or angle of inclination

Which kitchen table is better to choose for a small kitchen? The one that will allow you to get the maximum functionality — and at the same time take up a minimum of space


Metal parts 
Metal in all its forms broke into the top decorative trends a few seasons ago — and, it seems, is not going to leave it. Dining room furniture made of metal is a fashion trend. Bonus: most often these models look laconic, elegant, do not overload the interior.

Stone countertops 
Another current major trend is natural stone (especially marble, travertine). Countertops made of this material look extremely impressive and can be used. And they are heat-resistant and wear-resistant. Minus: natural stone is a fairly heavy material, as well as a significant item of expenditure during repairs.

Transparent furniture
The ability to discreetly place, literally dissolve a large piece of furniture in the space is a good bonus. That is why transparent tables, chairs, and even whole transparent islands are in trend